What is Online Safety?

When we refer to online safety (this may also be called e-safety), we are talking about the safety of users of online technologies. This might include being connected to a wide range of devices or technologies, such as computers, the internet, mobile phones, hand held devices, games consoles and many more.

Technology has transformed learning and communication for individuals and for all organisations that work with young people. However, the use of technology can also bring risks. Individuals and organisations that work with young people must be aware of these risks and must have good policies and procedures in place to ensure the online safety of users, while making the most of online opportunities. You can find more information on the following website:

Why is Online Safety important?

Online Safety is the general term that the LSCB uses to describe good practice relating to children and young people and the use of computers, WiFi, mobile phones and other digital technology by themselves and others. The LSCB recognises the very real benefits that these new and developing technologies bring to the lives of children and young people but it is also clear that there may be real risks involved.