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Where can I find my organisation’s Child Protection Policy?

Talk to the Designated Safeguarding Lead. Identification of this person should be part of your induction when you first start working with the organisation.

How can I get advice about my organisation’s child protection policy and training materials?

Talk to your Designated Safeguarding Lead. They will advise on what they currently have and identify what actions to take. The Somerset Safeguarding Children’s Board is here to help once you have received this advice.

I’ve heard that every organisation/team should have a child protection lead? Is that correct? Who should that be? What qualifications do they need? What is their role?

Every organisation should have a lead for child protection, who is known as the Designated Safeguarding Lead. They should be a member of your organisation’s management team.

They are there to provide advice and support to staff and volunteers when they have concerns about the welfare of a child. They liaise with other agencies to ensure that children are safe. They are responsible for ensuring that all staff and volunteers understand their role in safeguarding children.

They must attend inter-agency training courses provided by the SSCB – Introduction to Child Protection and Working Together to Safeguard Children. They must also make sure that their training is updated by attending the SSCB Update Courses at least every 2 years.

What are Southwest Child Protection Procedures?

Somerset is one of the 12 Local Safeguarding Children Boards that make up the South West consortium* that has developed the Southwest Child Protection Procedures (in conjunction with Tri.x).

Each board has its own site, which provides a ‘gateway’ to the shared consortium procedures, with the facility to house information specific to individual boards avoiding confusion for users.  Materials will be updated twice yearly to ensure all guidance remains a current and relevant for practitioners.

*Devon; Plymouth; Cornwall; Torbay; Somerset; South Gloucestershire; Wiltshire; Bath and North East Somerset; North Somerset; Swindon; Gloucestershire and Bristol LSCBs.

Where can I find the Southwest Child Protection Procedures?

The South West Child Protection Procedures:


What do you mean by “safeguarding”, “child protection”, “signs of safety” and other terms like that?

See the SSCB page on Common Terms:


What is safer recruitment and where can I find out about it?

Implementing robust recruitment policies and procedures to minimise the possibility of appointing people who may pose a risk to children.

Safer recruitment applies to paid staff and volunteers, including trustees and governors.

From 1 September 2014, Safer Recruitment training will no longer need to be approved by the Secretary of State, therefore DfE will no longer co-ordinate arrangements for accredited training or online training. However, the requirement for at least one member of a recruitment panel to be appropriately trained in line with safeguarding guidance remains.

The SSCB delivers safer recruitment training, see the Training Programme.

Further information may be found as follows:

  • Somerset Centre for Integrated Learning;
  • The NSPCC

Do we still need DBS checks?

Yes, they were formerly known as CRB checks.

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is responsible for all of the barring decisions of the Vetting and Barring Scheme. It also administers the 2 lists of barred people (children and vulnerable adults).

Where can I find out about vetting and barring?