Multi-Agency Practitioner Interest Groups (MAPIG’s)

The Multi-Agency Practitioner Interest Groups (MAPIGs) were first initiated in 2006.

MAPIGs run under the auspices of the Workforce Development Group, which in turn reports to the Somerset Safeguarding Children Partnership’s (SSCP) Learning & Improvement Subgroup.

MAPIGs share good practice related to safeguarding and child protection across agencies working in Somerset, at a practitioner level. It is this practitioner involvement that is seen as the main benefit and purpose of the groups.

Meetings run at least twice a year in each of the areas of the county and/or via online webinars.

The Workforce Development Group ensures that the themes of the MAPIGs reflect the annual SSCP priorities.


Multi-Agency Practitioner Interest Groups – 4th and 11th November 2021

These online events will take the learning from the latest local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews and focus on how we can work together to improve safeguarding in Somerset.  The local reviews also draw parallels with the themes raised in the recent national review looking at harm to babies & young children and ask what you can do in your agency to embed the learning.

Presented by various practitioners from partner agencies across the county we will also be joined by the author of both LCSPR’s, Liz Murphy, who will be presenting her findings.

Three MAPIG events are taking place, one East (Mendip & South Somerset) and one West (Taunton & West Somerset and Sedgemoor), as well as a third ‘Twilight Session’ for those who are unable to join during office hours.

These events focus on learning from events, as well as learning from each other and forming local initiatives, partnership working and networking opportunities and so we would encourage you as much as possible to join the event focused in your area.

Dates and times:


Promoting Partnership Working Through Staff Induction

The Somerset Safeguarding Children Partnership recognises the vital need for agencies to work in close partnership in order to effectively safeguard children.

One of the most effective ways of developing partnerships is through developed understanding between practitioners of what different services provide, how they work, what legal frameworks they work within and what roles people play.

If you are new to your safeguarding role in Somerset the SSCP statutory partners (Avon and Somerset Police, Health (CCG) and the Local Authority) endorse a culture of learning and understanding others roles as part of your induction.

The SSCP encourage and welcome you to spend time with safeguarding leads from the three key partners as well as other multiagency services in order to facilitate your understanding of how we work together to safeguard children in Somerset, with all partners included on a list of contacts (available upon request) signed up to this charter welcoming others to meet with them to forge professional relationships to work together to safeguard children.


If you are new to a role, or to the area, or feel you or your team would benefit with meeting with other services please contact who can provide you with a list of contacts for agency safeguarding leads who can further support your induction.