Basic Awareness Child Protection Cascade Packs











We are really pleased to announce that this years Basic Awareness Child Protection Cascade Pack is now available for instant download.

This year the Cascade Pack has been tailored to focus on the needs of Children and Young People in different settings and has been split into Early Years & Primary and Secondary & Beyond packs to ensure the information is most relevant to your teams.

We’ve also taken on feedback provided and ensured that the packs are in Powerpoint format for ease of delivery and contain full notes and resources referred to in the presentation for the facilitator to pick up and deliver the training.

We’re also keen to support Designated Leads and so this year have compiled a ‘DSL Resource and Information Pack’ which provides links to support various topics highlighted in the Cascade Pack presentations, as well as tools to help you engage and support Children, Young People and their Families.

We have also simplified the process of obtaining the cascade packs, which are now available for instant purchase and download.