Safeguarding children at risk of neglect


Refer to the South West Child Protection Procedures (SWCPP) chapter Neglect for full information on how to work with families to safeguard children at risk of neglect. The chapter details the definition, risks, indicators and outlines the protection and action to be taken.

To complement the SWCPP chapter Somerset Safeguarding Children Partnership have produced a toolkit with local supplementary information.  The Somerset neglect toolkit should always be used in conjunction with the SWCPP procedures.

NEW May 2020 – the toolkit can now be completed electronically.

See the SSCP Training Pages for details of the cascade training pack which  provides the information and resources to support you in training people in your organisation in developing an effective response to neglect.

The Family A Serious Case Review (SCR) report gives details of a SCR where Somerset children were harmed by neglect, or for a brief summary of the SCR see the November 2018 Learning Bulletin.