An advocate is someone who will meet you a few times before your child protection conference and explain more about the meeting.  They will listen to you and help you decide what you want to say at the meeting.  They will only say what you want said and if you don’t want to be at the meeting they will go for you.

Who will provide advocacy?

Route1 Advocacy Service.  Route 1 are not part of Social Care and they do not pass on information to your Social Worker unless they think you or someone else are at risk of harm.  They would always tell you if they did this.

Why do I need one?

At a Child Protection Conference a plan is made about how to help you and your family.  In order to make the best plan it is very important that everyone knows what your wishes are.  An Advocate can help if you may find it difficult  to talk at a meeting with lots of adults or you may think no one will listen to you.

Having your say is not the same as getting everything you want.  However, it does mean people will know what it is you want and you will be told why certain decisions have been made.

How do I get an advocate?

If you or a young person you know would like to know more about how an advocate can help you;

Phone them on Route1 Advocacy on 01749 822801