What is advocacy?

Advocacy means giving a person support to have their voice heard.

An advocate is independent, who will meet with you and is someone you can talk to about your wishes and feelings and how things are for you. They will listen to you and support you to express your voice. Advocates will only say what you have agreed and if you don’t want to be at the meeting, they will go for you. Advocacy is available for a range of meetings as well as providing advice & assistance and supporting you if you wanted to make a complaint.

Who will provide advocacy?

Route1 Advocacy Service. Route1 will discuss with you why an advocate has been requested for you, or it may be that you have asked to speak to one yourself. Your advocate will explain to you who your wishes and feelings will be shared with and agree with you what you would like others to know. Route1 have a duty to pass on information if they thought you or someone else are at risk of harm. They would always tell you if they needed to do this.

Why do I need one?

When meetings and decision are being made that affect you, it is important that you can speak with someone who is neutral and independent, and that your wishes and feelings are listened to and heard. An advocate can help if you may find it difficult to talk at a meeting with lot of adults, or an advocate can attend on your behalf.

Having your say is not the same as getting everything you want.  However, it does mean people will know what your wishes and feelings are, and you will be told why certain decisions have been made.

How do I get an advocate?

If you would like to know more about how an advocate can help you;

Phone Route1 Advocacy on 01749 822801


What do people say about advocacy?

 “She listened”
 “They help me understand. I can talk to her”
 “He listened to me”
 “She was so much fun and friendly”
 “It was fun and helpful”
 “He was kind”
 “She was very kind and supportive”
 “I feel it was extremely helpful”
 “He was friendly and listened very well to me”


Advocacy is currently available face-face in a school/college environment only, all other advocacy will take place on the telephone or video call.

Please check with us when requesting advocacy, what our up to date guidance is.