The Safeguarding Somerset Children Board Subgroups

In order to assist the Board with discharging its wider responsibilities, the following subgroups have been created (in order of hierarchy);

  • Governance Group
  • Business Planning Group
  • Training and Development Group
  • Child Exploitation Group
  • Quality and Performance Group
  • Learning and Improvement Group
  • Health Advisory Group
  • Neglect Subgroup

In addition, the following groups have been created to assist with audit analysis and discussion;

  • Audit Subgroup (West)
  • Audit Subgroup (East)

There are also 4 practitioner forums for our MAPIG (Multi Agency Practice Information Group) to share good practice and key themes from recent learning events.

  • Mendip
  • South Somerset
  • Taunton
  • Sedgemoor

Each subgroup is comprised of a multi-agency membership and is chaired by persons at senior management level within their agency. Each subgroup has a working mandate which is set out within their Terms of Reference.

Role of the Chair within the subgroup

The Chair of the subgroup will drive the progression of the work plan in line with the board’s business plan. The chair will also attend the Business Planning Group.

Role and Function of the sub-groups

Membership of subgroups should include representation from all statutory agencies. Each subgroup will contribute to the SSCB’s annual report and business plan and may be tasked to undertake other specific activities as and when required by the SSCB.