What is the difference between Safeguarding and Child Protection?

Safeguarding means proactively seeking to involve the whole community in keeping children safe and promoting their welfare, for example, road safety and anti-bullying work. Child protection is a central part of safeguarding and promoting welfare. It is the process of protecting individual children identified as either suffering or at risk of suffering significant harm as a result of abuse or neglect, for example physical abuse.


What is Signs of Safety?

Signs of Safety is a multi-agency approach to working with child protection and safeguarding which has been endorsed by the SSCB. It considers three key questions: What are we worried about? What is working well? What needs to happen next? This approach is designed to be far more inclusive of parents and children, helping them to clearly understand what needs to change to keep the child safe, their part in the plan and what will happen if the plan is not achieved. All multi-agency child protection work in Somerset is carried out in this way. You can find more information about the principles and philosophy of Signs of Safety on the the following website:

What is a Child Protection Conference?

A Child Protection Conference (sometimes referred to as a Safety Planning Meeting) is a multi-agency meeting that is held when one or more professional workers have serious concerns about a child. It brings together the child and the parents/carers (where appropriate), and the professionals most involved with the family to discuss what has happened, what professionals are worried about, what is working well, and what needs to happen next. The SSCB has endorsed the Signs of Safety approach to child protection work. You can find more information using the links below.

What is a Child Protection Plan?

A Child Protection Plan arises when a Child Protection Conference decides that a child is at risk of significant harm.
This multi-agency plan is regularly reviewed through Core Groups and Review Child Protection Conferences.

You can find more information below.

What is a Core Group?

The membership of a Core Group is agreed at a Child Protection Conference and it will usually consist of the key worker, professionals and the parents. They collectively have the responsibility to develop and carry out the Child Protection Plan recommendations and monitor its implementation.

What is a Serious Case Review?

In addition to Serious Case Reviews (SCRs) other case reviews, that do not meet the SCR threshold (Working Together 2013), are conducted through the Learning and Improvement Subgroup in order to identify key learning that will lead to improvement in services.

What is the Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP)?

There is a statutory requirement (since April 2008) for all LSCBs to review the deaths of all children (birth to 18th birthday). Anonymised information is presented to the LSCB Child Death Overview Panel. This panel reviews the deaths of all children and young people who are normally resident in the local authority area in order to learn any lessons that may help to safeguard and protect other children and young people.